April 13, 2017

We love our bitters!

We love out bitters. We love Calgary. It goes to reason, we love Black Cloud Bitters, who will be releasing their Charred Cedar bitters in late April. Can you just about taste them?

The Black Cloud folks were recently featured on the Canadian show The Social as Adam McDowell discussed, "What Canadians are Drinking" ...   

They also made it to Food Networks list of 10 Cool Foods to Bring Home from Calgary – (that's our old stomping' ground, did you know we had Western roots?). Check out the entire list...

November 21, 2016

This festive season, take your cocktail game to a whole new level by adding Black Cloud Bitters. Bitters are used to add flavour and aroma to cocktails and improve their depth and complexity. Made from infusing roots, barks, fruit peels, seeds, spices, herbs, flowers, and botanicals, bitters are infused in high-proof spirits. You’ll never look at cocktails the same way again!

November 7, 2016

Finnymae pays tribute to our furry fallen heroes on Remembrance Day. Sergeant Stubby was the most decorated dog of the first World War, and the only dog to be promoted to the rank of sergeant on the merit of his combat performance. A dog of “uncertain breed”, it was thought that at least some of his parentage hailed from the Boston Terriers.

October 27, 2016

Former Ron Sexsmith bassist, Stephen Rapos has had a long and accomplished career. But his latest adventure promises to be the most challenging one yet. Stephen has taken on Ukulele nights at The Gen. If you stroll down Main Street in Warkworth on a Wednesday evening, that beautiful noise you hear will be Warkworth’s own ukulele choir stretching their wings.

Uke nights are a wonderful addition to the repertoire of The Gen, where players of all ages and levels meet at 7pm for an hour or two of musical mayhem. Each week, new chords are m...

October 17, 2016

Artech: Upcycled Practical Artware

“We established an artisanal glassblowing studio in an old church in Haliburton twelve years ago,” says Jenn from Artech, a proudly Canadian company that produces glassware from recycled beer bottles. Perhaps it’s their original artistic flare, or maybe it’s their passion, but for some reason, their wares are selling like hot cakes in over 200 stores worldwide.

One of the tenants of these Ontario glassblowers is that art should be functional. “We make high-end art pieces too, but we wanted to make art...

October 13, 2016

The Alchemy Pickle company is a gem. Founded in 2012, it aims to use traditional preserving methods to add flavour, nutrition and probiotics to your diet. Prod

September 9, 2016

Clarence Stenson was a wonderful man, a gentle and loving Grandad and a man who understood the importance of family, friendship and community. He owned a little sweet and newsagent shop in a town just outside of Nottingham, England called Stenson & Bowles. 

Grandad always took time to check in with customers. He knew them by name, knew the struggles they were facing, knew which kids were in need of an extra kind word to encourage them along.

His shop was nestled between Robertson Fish and Chip Shop and the Post Office. It was a poor com...

September 6, 2016

The General is an idea whose time has come. It’s not surprising, really, it’s been stewing in the ether for decades as owners Joanne Hansen and Trish Stenson come, full circle, back to the things that matter. All the best people do, really—those renegades who change the very fabric of our community.

Trish grew up in the city and Jo in the country. Jo was born and raised on a dairy farm in Central Alberta, Canada while city girl Trish grew up in post war Nottingham, England. Trish remembers her grandfather’s General Store, how the neigh...

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