The General is an idea whose time has come. In some ways, we are all going full circle back to a time where food was locally sourced and organic, from the fishmonger to the farmer,  makers, doers and small business proprietors. Thanks to the internet, more and more people are moving out to the fringes, living life on their own terms and making things they can sell online.

The makers are returning … as are the apothecaries, carpenters, blacksmiths, spinners & weavers, even the old pickle barrel is making a comeback (it’s all about those probiotics, baby!).

The General is about well chosen products, it’s about artisans creating amazing things and about makers providing artisanal goods. It’s a way to enjoy the things we need while respecting and loving the creative input that makes many of these goods unique.

It’s this authentic passion, this desire to really get into the deep end of the pool that makes this venture so enticing. The General goes to great lengths to source independent Canadian and local makers, who produce hand-made products, focusing on home grown whenever possible.

Now, it’s time for us to get to know our neighbours. Stop in! We can’t wait to share this with all of you ...

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Raised on a dairy farm in Central Alberta, Jo’s passion for creating has led her to a rewarding career as a Costume Designer in Film & Television.  She has always lived her art, surrounding herself with artifacts and works of art that inspire. 


For Jo The General is, “a combination of creative and social – a place where creators and makers can show their wares and where members of the community can come in and feel at home”.


Trish grew up in post war Nottingham, England and fondly remembers her grandfather’s General Store – a meeting place where neighbours gathered to swap stories, while children agonized over which sweets to buy. 


A social worker by profession, Trish’s whole world has been community focused. For Trish The General is about connecting with the artist, having a laugh with customers and talking to the makers – “it’s a relationship thing”.


FinneyMae, “The General”, is a Boston Terrier-English Bulldog X.  Until recently she was a big city girl. Now, with dog beds in Toronto and Warkworth, FinnyMae is a little bit city and a whole lot country.​

In The General FinneyMae has found yet another home. She is excited to become part of the history and fabric of Warkworth and delighted her family saw fit to make her the star of the show …er, store.


She can’t believe it took this long to get her face on a shirt, but is pleased with the artist’s rendering and the taste of the organic cotton. 

WEDNESDAY TO SUNDAY 11-5pm (See you soon!)